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Great deals with the GreyCard from Greystone Properties Columbus GA apartments

The GreyCard / Program FAQ’s

How do I know who offers the discount and how much it is?2019-07-15T06:42:04-04:00

The participating vendor list as well as the discounts offered will be posted on the Greystone Properties website. This list will be updated each time a new vendor is added or if a discount has changed.

I am in a corporate unit. Do I get a card?2019-07-15T06:39:52-04:00

Yes! Call your Management Office to request your card. The GreyCard for corporate apartment homes will be issued on a quarterly basis.

Can I get a card to put on my key chain?2019-07-15T06:39:04-04:00

Absolutely! Send your request to your Management Office.

How long is my GreyCard valid?2019-07-15T06:38:17-04:00
Your GreyCard will expire when your lease expires. Once a renewal has been signed, you will receive your new GreyCard.
What do I do if my Lease Agreement is month to month?2019-07-15T06:33:33-04:00


Your GreyCard will be issued on a quarterly basis. Just contact the Management Office for your new card when your current card expires.

How much does the program cost?2019-07-15T06:36:54-04:00

There is no enrollment fee. It’s FREE just for being a Resident of Greystone Properties.

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