The best apartment complex I’ve lived in my entire life it doesn’t even feel like an apartment complex its truly a neighborhood and the staff is Outmazing (outstanding- amazing)?

Greystone at Columbus Park.
 Awesome customer service! Outstanding Family atmosphere! They are a staff of excellence! You all are awesome Greystone at Columbus Park staff!

Wonderful community to live in. The staff knows all of their occupants names by heart and will go above and beyond to take care of their community.

I love Columbus Park!!! The property is very gorgeous. It’s walking distance to the Strip mall. The Leasing and Maintenance Team are amazing. This apartment community is one of the best in the country.

The community seems very nice, the staff is awesome

Great community. Has tons of wonderful and useful amenities. And an outstanding staff

We really love it here , beautiful place to live , come join us ?

This property is beautiful, clean and the staff is always so warm, welcoming and knowledgeable! Highly recommend to anyone in the Columbus area! It’s the place to call home.

Property is well maintained, has very good curb appeal, great location.

Love it here

Beautiful property that is convenient to shopping and restaurants!

Great place to live. Excellent amenities, awesome staff, perfect location!

My granddaughter has lived here, with her family, for 3 years and I love it. I feel it is secure and safe. Beautiful pool and landscaping.

They have a great staff and the property is beautiful!

Top condo. Wonderful.

Greystone at Columbus Park is great! We love living here. The office staff, maintenance, and grounds are awesome. The apartment complex is beautiful and well maintained. It is convenient to everything!

Awesome customer service! Outstanding Family atmosphere! They are a staff of excellence! You all are awesome Greystone at Columbus Park staff!

Greystone at Columbus Park is a beautiful Community with an awesome staff!

Desirable place to live… DIMI is the best!!!

This location is outstanding and very family friendly. Been with Greystone about two and a half years. Quiet/gated and maintained beautifully. The front staff is second to none. Big shoutouts to Dimi and Alexis. They always come straight to the door and meet me with smiling faces. Definitely feels like home.

Issue – Reprogramming our door/window security system keypad

I want to extend a special thanks to Brad for the effort he made recently to get our security system keypad reprogrammed. The unit is an “older” style keypad with no written documentation available. Brad tried the key combinations he personally knew, but was still unable to get the issue resolved.

Rather than give up or bail on the situation and say “I’ll get back to you later on this”, Brad took the initiative to Google several security hardware-related sites via his phone and (after a number of tries) was finally able to find a combination that worked.

Major kudos to Brad for his friendliness and “can-do” attitude – sticking with the problem, not giving up and making sure the tenant was taken care of…

Issue – Replacement of master bath shower door

Once again, Brad showed why he’s a valued member of the Greystone-Columbus team. The original issue related to the plastic shower-door sweep coming wearing through – with water leaking onto the bathroom floor. As Brad was replacing the sweep, the door frame shifted (it was evidently loose) and the safety-glass door panel shattered altogether. He could have stopped there and given me the “I’ll have to get back to you on this” response and asked us to use the second bathroom shower. Instead, he immediately cleaned the entire work area and checked into several solutions. Was replacement glass available locally? Was there was a matching door available from another vacant apartment?

Bottom line – Brad came when he promised, had necessary materials in-hand and was working on the original issue when the breakage occurred. Rather than get flustered, he apologized for the inconvenience, located the replacement parts and had them installed within a couple of hours.

Brad exhibits the kind of friendliness and customer-service attitude that is truly becoming harder to find these days…

Issue – Replacement bulbs for microwave hood

A minor issue, but once again Brad took care of it right away. I should have been clearer on reporting which bulb was burned-out (the one inside the microwave cavity versus the one on the bottom range hood). Brad came by the apartment, and finding the door double-locked put an internal cavity bulb in a bag and hung it on my door. That same day I happened to see him in the clubhouse and confessed to being unclear about what was needed – I needed the one for the range hood.

Rather than having an “attitude” about the situation and making me wait, he laughed about it and said he had the necessary bulb – and would get it to me shortly. That shortly ended up being less than 30 minutes…

Positive attitude, friendliness and exceptional customer service – Brad is definitely a credit to Columbus Park and having him here is greatly appreciated!