Greystone Properties, LLC SMART Apartment Communities

Greystone Properties, has been setting the standard by offering the newest features and amenities available every time we have built a new community. Starting with our first new apartment community built in 1995, we have been committed to offering our Residents the newest trends found in apartment communities throughout the United States.

The Greystone SMART Apartment offers the most up to date wiring now available. Once again we are setting the standard by offering this technology. Residents in our "smart apartments" have the capability to access voice, high speed data and video communications with the greatest of ease. These apartments have been intentionally wired with the most up to date innovations in communications through a process known as structured wiring. We have installed Category 5 cable (commonly known as Cat 5) starting in a central location in each apartment. From this central location, the Cat 5 wiring is run to every major room in the apartment. This structured wiring gives greater capability for voice, data and video communications to be available and shared throughout the apartment.

Residents are able to have multiple phone lines, network their computers, share printers, share movies, share digital boxes, listen to surround sound and share their electronic equipment.* Residents virtually have communications by voice, data, and video in every major room of their apartment home. The internet cable access offered is via high speed broadband cable which has been pre-wired in every major room. Additional phone outlets are provided as well if dialup or DSL access to the internet is preferred. This access to the internet through wiring is the preferred method over wireless since the signal is constant and gives a more secure connection to the internet.

Every major room has a multi media jack conveniently located for residents to plug in their phone, hook up their computer, plug in their television, and plug in their video accessories. The multimedia jacks typically have four connections: telephone, data (Ethernet), television (cable) and video (DVD, VCR, Digital Box). With this video option, Residents can send the signal from their DVD, VCR, or Cable Box to other rooms as well.

Understanding the multimedia jack: The telephone outlet is the top left port, the data outlet is the top right port, the television cable is the bottom left port, and the bottom right port is for the distribution of the video accessories.

Additional jacks for surround sound have been installed in the living room and master bedroom for residents to enjoy their audio equipment.

Alarm systems including the keypads have been installed in every apartment. These alarms are connected to the central distribution panel and can be activated for monitoring by a security company.

Visual communications and cameras are available through your television. For gated communities with monitored access, Residents can monitor their visitors. Cameras are mounted so Residents are able to 'see' the visitors at the gate through their television screens. Our properties are also setup with a "Community Channel'. Residents can view important information from the management office by turning their television to the 'Community Channel'.

With this structured wiring, these SMART Apartments should meet your technical needs for years to come! Please contact the management staff for further details.

*Please note: Residents must provide the router for networking or the modular for sharing video accessories. These items can be leased from the management office as well.